TRI-K Industries has been specializing in the sourcing, manufacturing and distribution of quality ingredients and technologies for the global cosmetic and personal care industries for over 30 years.

They offer a wide range of specialty active ingredients, innovative technologies and functional materials for every segment of the cosmetics and personal care market.

To further assist customers, TRI-K provides extensive in-house support with experienced technical staff actively involved in quality control, product evaluation, formulation and product development, and addressing customers' requests and inquiries. They continually seek out new ingredients and partnerships to remain at the forefront of new technologies, and to continue to provide the latest personal care solutions.

TRI-K is a member of the Galaxy group. Galaxy Surfactants is a manufacturer and global supplier of quality performance products for the home and personal care industries, headquartered in Mumbai, India

The world of innovative fragrances, flavours and top quality ingredients



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CPT - 9 Lakeshore Road, Capricorn Business Park, Muizenberg

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